Women’s Month Healing on Sisterhood Circle Programme


Wednesday, March 17, 2021 (Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.)  In honour of Women’s Month, Sistas of D Ankh and Ma’at Sisterhood Circle welcomed healing directions from guest speakers Sa ‘Enya McBean and Dr Sherrill Chong. The speakers gave virtual blessings on Zoom at the Sisterhood Circle’s programme on Sunday, March 14, 2021. 

The programme captured its regular drumming, prayer and affirmations and introductions followed by guest speaker, Sa ‘Enya McBean, who spoke on ‘How to Safeguard Your Physical Well-being with Healing Interventions and Energy Medicines During Covid 19 Pandemic.’ Ms. McBean who considers herself as a medical intuitive, highlighted the genesis of that becoming to 25 years ago where she was diagnosed with stage four (4) ovarian cancer. Despite all efforts having done all the doctors recommended, the speaker revealed that her cancer was still in progression. As such, her search for healing and purification through natural remedies, emerged. This journey facilitated the creation of her book, ‘Pursuit of the Soul.’

Three herbs were offered as substitutes for those who may feel skeptical about the Covid - 19 vaccine or just the need to keep the body purified. The herbs she mentioned that can be used together during this health crisis are: Neem, (which has over 101 properties and help to purify the blood), Moringa and Guinea Hen, together they fortify the body and remove toxins. 

Sa ‘Enya informed the audience of the healing being done not only from a physical basis with herbs, but also the mental which takes into account daily affirmations like: “I am healed, healthy, I have a sound mind.” Healing in its entirety also incorporates the spiritual, which reminds us that what God has created, no man can destroy.

The audience was charged to pray and meditate so as to be led in the direction of healing to provide liberation. Also, attendees were told to learn the creator’s medicines as the herbs can heal the nation.

Following Sa Enya’s presentation, the event prepared for the molecular researcher, Dr Sherrill Chong, who spoke on ‘Physical Health and Wellness of the Family & Community.’ She emphasized that health cannot be achieved in the community without starting from the individual and family; neither can it happen without spiritual, physical and psychological synergy.

Dr Chong moved on to look at the importance of reliance on the principle of cellular health. Cellular health encompasses: cellular environment (water), cellular food (unprocessed foods) and cell communication (cells working harmoniously with each other). The final principle is that of cellular exercise. These exercises include rebounding and inverted postures, which has the head lower than the feet to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage allows for poisons (solid/liquid waste, gaseous waste and mucus) to be expelled from the body.

The presentation solidified the importance of moringa which was mentioned by Sa ‘Enya. The audience was invited to access Dr Chong’s moringa products on the LUMI Marketplace using the digital currency, which is accessible to all Jamaicans upon registration.

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