Is Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean Rejecting the Cuban Vaccine?


Que Pasa con el Caribe y Africa? By Felipe Noguera, Deputy Coordinator of the Caribbean Regional Coordinating Committee of the Pan Africanist and Indigenous Movement.

"Love gives and forgives. Selfishness gets and forgets."

In which category do we, the people of Africa and the Caribbean fall? Can we express loving appreciation or do we consign ourselves to selfish ingratitude?

Has any country in modern history, outside of the continent of Africa, sacrificed more in life, time, blood, and resources for the liberation of Africa from the shackles of apartheid and domestic settler colonialism than Cuba?

Has any country trained more Caribbean doctors per capita than Cuba?

A few years ago, when the Ebola epidemic raged in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and the USA under President Obama sent 6,000 troops to protect US interests in West Africa, which country sent 600 doctors to quell the pandemic?

Was it a metropolitan, rich developed country? France? England? The USA? China? Russia?

No. Cuba, a Caribbean developing country, victimized by decades of economic sanctions and blockade, imposed by the then most powerful country in the world, simply for choosing to practice rather than simply theorize the philosophy of socialist internationalism, made the sacrifice to once again help Africa in her time of need.

How many of our CARICOM leaders have sought medical refuge and attention in Cuba, whose leadership assisted them in their times of need?

So what happens now Africanos? Now that you have been reminded of the Tuskegee experiments against Africans in Alabama, who were told that they were being inoculated but were actually infected; you've been told that Gates and big pharma want to reduce the carbon footprint by 20% and not told of the extent of adverse reactions to vaccines from Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer,...que paso con Cuba?

Are we suffering from amnesia or simply choosing mass hypnosis?

Cuba's vaccine, we know from the country's medical and epidemiological record, is about healing and not putting profit before people.

So Africans and Caribbean people, if we must be forced to accept vaccines to travel and return to some degree of normalcy during this reset, why not choose the Cuban vaccine, more reliable, affordable, efficacious, and based on her record, more effective than anything else on the horizon?

If you answer "the government must make this decision!" I answer, "If the government cannot or will not educate the people, then the people must gain the capacity to educate the government.

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