SOAD’s Inaugural Marcus Garvey Day Celebration a Success


In the aftermath of the Marcus Garvey Day (August 17), which is now on the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) official calendar, we would like to thank Ambassador Sharon Parris-Chambers, who organized the event, which was a great success.

The day was marked by many highlights such as the panel discussion on women in the Back to Africa movement, the panel discussion on the Exodus Alliance, the alliance working to return to Africa, the documentary by RJ Mahdi and the presentation of the latest issue of the Label Diplomatique, the Pan-African magazine, which will also publish the panel presentations.

Musical interludes animated the meeting. Furthermore, as commemoration should not be a substitute for action, but rather a springboard for action, several concrete announcements were made, such as the trips to Africa organized by Lady Yaa, the Minister of Tourism of the State of the African Diaspora, trips that are naturally in line with the “Back to Africa” vision championed by Marcus Garvey.

But the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the message delivered by Dr. Julius Garvey, son of Marcus Garvey, and an Ambassador-at-Large of the State of the Diaspora.

In an inspiring address. He challenged the assembly on two issues: he asked for support in his campaign to have a bust of Marcus Garvey placed in the African Union headquarters, next to the portraits of the other founders; and he also asked for a review of the trial against Marcus Garvey, who was prosecuted by the FBI and convicted by the American “justice” system. This iniquitous conviction must be overturned.

The leaders of the State of the African Diaspora are responding favorably and enthusiastically to these two requests. The Government of SOAD has already written to the President of the African Union on this matter, and also intends to mobilize Chief Charumbira, the President of the African Union Parliament, who is also the Co-President of the Royal Chamber of SOAD. 

A bust of the great inspirational leader is needed at the African Union, and in many other locations. SOAD intends to unveil a bust of the Pan-Africanist hero on August 17, next year, in Edina, Liberia. Furthermore, regarding the trial review, it will be heard by the SOAD Court of Justice, which will be officially launched by the Government in due course. More details will be provided shortly.

The day started around 3.00 PM Paris time and ended around 9.00 PM. But at 1.00 AM, many people were still online. Being so happy to share this moment of Pan-African communion, in the spirit of Marcus Garvey and his legacy, they did not want to leave and savoured every moment of the day.

Dr Louis Georges Tin
State of the African Diaspora


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