After Hollywood in the USA, Bollywood in Bombay, Nollywood in Nigeria, a new movie city will be created in Zambia, and it will be called Zollywood. The project was initiated by Dr Ngoma, CEO of National Sugar Corporation (NSC), and he has invited the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) to participate to the initiative.

The cooperation agreement stipulates: SOAD will help link up experts from Hollywood and Bollywood to join hands with NSC. A significant piece of land will be allocated by NSC to SOAD to create Zollywood City.

After signing the agreement, Dr Ngoma expressed his satisfaction to work with SOAD on this initiative:

“I am happy to join hands with the State of the African Diaspora, which has been long awaited. Through SOAD, Africa will be transformed. It is the best thing that has happened to Africa.  And I thank the leadership of the government for accepting to work with me on our Zollywood city”.

Dr Louis-Georges Tin, the Prime Minister of SOAD, stated: “All our smart cities will have a particular focus. Edina, Liberia, will be the symbol of repatriation; Badagry, Nigeria, will be a medical city; Assouinde, Ivory Coast, will focus on tourism. This new smart city, will be the temple of movie industry. We have so many stories to tell, so many unsung heroes and sheroes to celebrate! This Zollywood City will play a huge role in the development of Pan-Africanism on the international stage. “

The State of the African Diaspora will discuss about this initiative with Euzhan Palcy, the great film maker, who won many international awards, including the UNESCO award, and who is also one of the patrons of the University of SOAD. Moreover, at this very moment, Sahil Singh, advisor to the Prime Minister, is discussing with major movie producers in India, who are invited to invest in the project. As a result, both Nollywood in Nigeria and Zollywood in Zambia will be in a position to create or recreate the Pan-African narrative, that needs to be told by Pan-African people on the international stage.

Source: Louis-Georges Tin
Prime Minister
State of the African Diaspora


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