Hunting vs. Farming Customers: A virtuous cycle between Sales and Success teams


With the emergence of the subscription economy and in particular in the SaaS industry, we have come to distinguish 2 main business activities that contribute to the growth of a company: Hunting and Farming.

The purpose of Hunting is to go out in the world, identify potential customers, and close deals – this is the main mission and purpose of the Sales team. They contribute to the company’s bottom line by consistently adding new customers.

On the other hand, Farming aims at keeping existing customers to sustain the growth generated by the Sales team and increasing revenue through the expansion of current accounts – this is when the Success Team steps in. By delivering more value to customers, they in return, bring more value to the company.

Hunting and farming: How Sales and Success thrive together

A sales rep’s job is to reach out to prospects and evaluate whether they could benefit from the product. If they are a good match, he will push for the sale. As an example, let’s say a rep managed to negotiate a deal with one customer for their support team for 20 users offering basic features.

Once the sale is made, the customer will be onboarded by the Success team, who makes sure they have the setup they want and are comfortable with the product. The Success team will then conduct regular health checks and Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure the customer is doing well.

During these talks, the Success rep can identify triggers for new opportunities. For example, learning that the support team is expanding to another geography would require adding more users and more advanced features. The rep will then work closely with the customer to accompany their growth and upgrade them to a more advanced plan better suited to their needs.

This way, the Sales rep adds revenue by bringing in new customers and the Success rep increases the value of an account by sustaining its expansion.

The Sales and Success teams generally use comparable methods to bring in more business and they will follow a similar process to convert an opportunity. This usually unfolds in 3 distinct steps:

    Identification of the prospect/customer needs and expectations
    Evaluation of how Aircall could fulfill them
    Closing the deal

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